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Gain Focus, Gain Success…

Gain Focus, Gain Success...

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Gain Focus, Gain Success…

We are creatures of distraction. Our phone rings, we interrupt what we’re doing to answer it. An email chimes in; we stop to see who it’s from. A text message beeps out; we jump to read it. Modern technology has enhanced our lives; however something it has not enhanced, and has even detracted, is our ability to focus – that key ingredient to success, that ability to put our minds to the task at hand.

Without focus, there can be no success. Success requires determination, self-discipline, and passion, and its focus that brings these to bear. Like a magnified glass channeling the sun’s rays to burn a piece of paper, focus channels our energies to achieve a defined goal, whatever that defined goal may be. We can have all the determination, self-discipline and passion in the world, but if we fail to bring them to focus, we’ll fail in achieving our goal.

A prerequisite to effective focus is perspective; or our ability to distinguish the truly important from the merely interesting (see Perspective, the American West and the Warsaw Concerto at 30,000 feet…). If we focus on things that don’t matter, then our focus is for naught. It’s misplaced. We must be onerous in choosing the target of our focus. Does it align with our goals? Will it get us to where we want to go? Are we on the right track? Focus on the wrong outcome, and success will remain elusive.

We must make focus our habit, even though it takes practice, effort, and hard work. Distraction is the enemy. Put distraction under control and focus can blossom. Want to write that book? Turn the T.V. off.  Want to solve that task? Shut the door. Want to listen to that person opposite you? Turn the cell off. Set the environment and we set the stage for focus to flourish, and when focus flourishes, our dreams are just steps from coming to fruition.

Scattered thoughts lead to scattered results, while focused thoughts lead to great results. Whether it was Beethoven composing the 9th Symphony, Einstein developing the Theory of Relativity or Steve Jobs designing the latest Apple product, these are the outcomes of focused minds. Minds not left to random wander, but minds bent upon the achievement of a singular goal – minds trading distraction for creativity, as creativity can only be the product of a focused mind (see Creativity: Life’s Most Enduring Reward…).

If we are to achieve our life’s ambitions, we must start to focus sooner than later. We must make it an integral part of our existence, and only then, will our ambitions have a chance of becoming reality. Only then, will we be able to lead a truly fulfilled life.

Gain focus, and we gain success…

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The C.A.T. Principle

A 2014 Global Ebook Awards GOLD Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.

A 2016 Global Ebook Awards SILVER Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.

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