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Vacillation: The Enemy of Action…

Vacillation: The Enemy of Action...Vacillation: The Enemy of Action…

Are you one of those people that can’t make up their minds? If so, then maybe read on, or then again, maybe not? The very thought of making a decision is crippling for many. Our heart rate increases and our pores sweat as we vacillate to and fro on what to do. Even picking a chocolate bar at the cash register becomes a major feat. Our vacillation becomes paralysis and with it the enemy of action. Feebly we stand by not knowing what to do.

What drives this insatiable appetite for indecision? Why are some more prone to it than others? Who knows for sure, but I’d gambit it has a lot do with fear, or more specifically fear of loss. Just as with selecting a chocolate bar, perhaps the one not chosen tastes better?! What do I do then?

German knight and poet Wolfram von Eschenbach (c. 1160/80- c. 1220) duly noted that “If vacillation dwell with the heart, the soul will rue it.”

It seems even medieval knights had their fair share of it. To charge or not to charge? In a time when they weren’t talking about credit cards, but rather the next plan of attack, to vacillate even the slightest could bring untold injury or even death. Indecision was no laughing matter and as military campaigns throughout history demonstrate, those indecisively tempting the fates often ended up on the wrong side of history. “Decide not and beware the risk!” might be the battle cry of every able commander. Ah, but there’s that word that drives tremors through the veins of every person confronting a decision, namely risk (see Risk: The Drug of Life…).

Risk, or the exposing of something or someone to danger, harm or loss, as the dictionary has it, lies at the root of every decision. Small or big, every decision brings with it some degree of risk. Granted most are minimal, but nevertheless there’s still a risk. Whether climbing in the car for the morning commute (a much bigger risk than hopping a jet) or deciding upon a mate for life (a much bigger risk than climbing in a car), there’s a risk. And it’s our determination to make these decisions and not vacillate that determine the destiny of our lives.

A life without decision is not a life, but an existence. If we are to lead lives of meaning and purpose, then decisions are par for the course. Without them we can’t realize the potential that lies beneath the fabric of our appearance. Life is shallow and without depth when we indecisively move through the motions of each day. While others pass us by on their determined tracks, those of us without, aimlessly drift from here to there, not knowing whence we come or go. Life becomes but one big vacillation.

So as we move through our daily lives, let us pay heed that life is meant to live decisively, lest we become victims of vacillation, that great enemy of action…

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The C.A.T. Principle

A 2014 Global Ebook Awards GOLD Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.

A 2016 Global Ebook Awards SILVER Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.


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