The C.A.T. Principle – Global Ebook Awards GOLD & SILVER Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook of 2014 & 2016

Make Service Your Mantra, And Service Makes You…

Make Service Your Mantra, And Service Makes You...Make Service Your Mantra, And Service Makes You…

We expect service and we expect it now. It’s the driver of the free enterprise system – no service, no business. And yet how many of us expect it, but neglect to deliver it? Do we go the extra mile when called upon? Whether it’s business, family or health, service is the path to a successful life. Make it your mantra, and it makes you.

Service is a two-way street and its greatest killer is entitlement (see Entitlement: The True Meaning Uncovered…). Nothing deflates service more than entitlement. It’s the embodiment of the “something for nothing” attitude, and it takes for granted that which is not a given. Although many of us abide by the “free lunch” mentality, it’s to our detriment to never awaken from it. The reality of life demands that we be of service, lest we desire an existence of dependence, and an existence of dependence is an existence devoid of liberty.

Much ado of late has been made of the $15 per hour minimum wage. Without a doubt, surviving on a minimum wage, particularly in a major urban city center, is not an easy feat, but is it the path to relieving a person’s financial woes? On the contrary, doesn’t it accomplish the opposite? By setting arbitrary wage demands on employment creators, isn’t government establishing a false sense of security to employment takers? And by doing so, isn’t government insinuating that employment takers aren’t capable of looking out for themselves?

If government truly wants to look out for those struggling, wouldn’t promoting and instilling a culture of service in our education system be a more effective path to financial independence? In a free market system there’s no quicker escape from financial deprivation than by being of service to people seeking a desired result. Help those people achieve that result and financial security is earned. No government-mandated artificial minimum wage will ever achieve the same. After all, if a minimum wage is the path to financial security, then why stop at $15 an hour? Why not $20 or $25 or even $50 an hour?

Recently I visited a McDonald’s for lunch and I must say that the service was friendly, quick and responsive.  And after I forgot my hat there, I called to see if it was still there. The staff didn’t miss a beat; they found it and had it ready for my pick-up. This small display of cordial and prompt service made me understand why McDonald’s continues to be a worldwide success since its founding in 1954. It’s not just about the food; it’s also about the service. It’s their hallmark and for many a student it’s their entry-level job into the working world where they’ll gather their first lessons in it, and no minimum wage will ever replace the value of those lessons.

It was McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc (1902-1984) who said that “Happiness is not a tangible thing; it’s a byproduct – a byproduct of achievement.”

Without a doubt he was right, but I would modestly add, and I’m sure he would agree, that all achievement is a byproduct of service, for without service there can be no achievement…

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The C.A.T. Principle

A 2014 Global Ebook Awards GOLD Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.

A 2016 Global Ebook Awards SILVER Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.

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