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Some People Are Just Plain Laughable…

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Some People Are Just Plain Laughable…

Never laugh at the person, but laugh at the behavior. Could not agree with this statement more, but perhaps it does beg a question. If behavior is acting out externally what we’re thinking internally (all action starts with internal thought, for better or worse), at what point does behavior become part and parcel of the person acting it out? Does a person who consistently exhibits wacky, erratic or bizarre behavior make that person also wacky, erratic or bizarre? Or must we eternally separate the wackiness from the person in question? Not easy to answer, but I dare say, as difficult as it is to admit, some people are just plain laughable.

By no means does this mean to denigrate or ride roughshod over anyone’s person, but it does become increasingly difficult to take those seriously whose behavior consistently displays otherwise. There comes a point when the behavior merges wholly with the person and one can no longer distinguish the former from the latter.

If consistency is the hallmark of character, (see Behavior: The Essence of Character…), then being consistently wacky, erratic or bizarre is indeed laughable. But it’s only laughable in so far as such behavior doesn’t interfere with our own rational functioning. Herein lies the challenge for the rational-minded person.

Without exception, we have all had our fair share of interacting with what turned out to be laughable people. And perhaps yes, perhaps we were even the laughable ones on occasion (somehow unlikely, as those that are truly laughable never see the bemusement within themselves; in others yes, but never within themselves).  Whether in love, business or politics, the world is full of such people who can easily sweep us into their sphere of charm and make-believe. What at first seems laughable can quickly (or slowly) deteriorate into something much more of a capricious or even sinister nature. What once seemed without effect can turn into something downright mean or scary! Hence, it never pays to take the laughable for granted.

If it is true that the entire world loves a fool, then much to our chagrin, it is up to us whether or not we allow such fool into our lives. Caveat emptor is Latin for buyer beware. As much as this expression has fallen out of favor in a society prone to blaming something or someone else (see Blame: The Root of All Victim-hood…), the truth of the phrase still reigns supreme today as it did in Roman times. To believe otherwise is to believe those that would have us believe otherwise, and to believe that those others have our best interests at heart, is to make ourselves laughable indeed. No greater fool was ever born!

Therefore, as we go about our day, it is incumbent upon us to recognize the folly from the seriousness, the lunacy from the sanity, and the recklessness from the carefulness. In our own right, we must be judges and we must judge. Without judgement, there can be no discretion, and without discretion, there can be no future. We must simply admit that yes, some people are just plain laughable, and simply avoided…

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The C.A.T. Principle

A 2014 Global Ebook Awards GOLD Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.

A 2016 Global Ebook Awards SILVER Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.



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