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Book, Books, and More Books…

Books, Books, and More Books...Books, Books, and More Books…

Books, books, and more books, we live in a world full of books. And let it be said, thank God we live in a world full of books. For what would life be like without them? What music is to the ear, are books to the mind. Bursting with thoughts and overflowing with ideas, they are enrapture of curiosity bundled onto material upon which one writes. They spill forth life in all its marvels, deceits, vagaries and rapport. Ah, the beauty and wonder of books!

For the avid reader, they are the gateway to a world yet discovered and realms unconquered. They bring forth life of what once was; what is and what will be. They are, in the truest sense, the beginning and the end, and everything in between. Whatever the subject, whatever the topic, they are the never-ending narrative of a world alive, a world in flux and a world in turmoil. What would we ever do without them?

When German blacksmith Johannes Gutenberg (1400-1468) invented the first printing press in 1439, he surely had no idea what it meant for the world of books. With the Bible being the first printed book to come off his mechanical press, a new epoch was born and with it the dawning of modern times. Henceforth the written word was no longer written, but set to type. Suddenly what took lengthy hours of placing ink by hand to parchment, was easy to duplicate and replicate. Books could circulate for all to read, devour and take in. What once only a smattering few could do, all those who desired to read could also do. The great democratization of the written word was underway!

Today we live in a world where at the tip of a finger, almost any book ever written, printed or produced can be begotten. With millions upon millions of books available on Amazon alone, even good ole Gutenberg could never have envisioned what an evolution his old, rustic, mechanical contraption would spur into action. And perhaps we can recognize Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with his foresight to leverage the sale of books via the Internet as the ‘modern-day Gutenberg’ in his own right? His novel idea brought books to every nook and cranny of the globe making him the richest man in the world. But there the comparison ends, for Gutenberg died a poor, and at the time, a forgotten man.

And so with the world awash in books, we must ask the simple question: do we read them, and if so, how many do we read? To live a life without reading, is to live a life devoid of literacy (see Odds Are You Won’t Read This…). If we can read, but we don’t, is that not the same as being illiterate? For what use is a skill, if we’re not applying it?

Chinese philosopher Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) made the succinct observation that “You cannot open a book without learning something.”

Then isn’t it time we heed these wise words and open yet another book? What are we waiting for? The world is at our finger tips, and for the love of books…

For more check out the Global Ebook Awards GOLD & SILVER Winner of 2014 & 2016, The C.A.T. Principle: Change, Action, Trust – Words to Live By available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. See the latest Amazon reviews here. Sign up above and receive this blog once every two weeks to your inbox. Comments and thoughts welcome.

The C.A.T. Principle

A 2014 Global Ebook Awards GOLD Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.

A 2016 Global Ebook Awards SILVER Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.

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