The C.A.T. Principle – Global Ebook Awards GOLD & SILVER Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook of 2014 & 2016

Achieve Clarity and We Achieve Direction…

Achieve Clarity and We Achieve Direction...Achieve Clarity and We Achieve Direction…

If there’s something we could all use a little more of, it has to be, without a doubt, clarity. For clarity is the epitome of clear thinking, which in turn allows for decisive action regarding the matter at hand. It provides direction and it gives meaning to the course of our lives. Without clarity there can be no goal, but only a meandering of regret. With it however, the impossible becomes possible. Achieve clarity and we achieve direction.

One may think that achieving clarity is an easy matter, but it’s not. It takes practice and it takes fortitude (see Fortitude And The Wherewithal to Carry On…). It means making tough decisions and setting boundaries, boundaries which breed self-respect and the respect of those they impact. How often do we permit unclear guidelines to fester, whether in business or personal matters, to only have us end up on a path of disillusion and regret? Achieve clarity in thought and action though, and those people and things preventing us from moving forward soon fade into the past.

“For me the greatest beauty always lies in the greatest clarity,” wrote German writer Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-1781).

Lessing was no fool and understood the power and majesty of achieving clarity. He understood that a life lived with clarity was a life of beauty, while a life filled with ambiguity led to frustration and regret. It is the clear-thinking individual who acts to win and should defeat overwhelm victory, he parts the arena knowing he gave it his all. He moves forward, learning from loss and letting dust be dust. There is no regret in the mind of a clear thinker!

Instead, it’s those poor souls never staking their heart on their sleeve, never acting with clarity for fear of rejection and defeat, who lead aimless lives of quiet resentment and despair. Stake out your claims for God sake! Let the world know your clarity; let the world know your direction! And should the world shriek “No”! Then so be it! And should the world shriek “Your loss!” Let that be your call to action! Let that be your call to never turn back and embark upon a direction never yet taken! It is with loss that great victories arise and it is within loss that great souls are made!

There is nothing more pathetic in life than the individual who know not whence he came to where he goes. Clarity suffers no such fools. It provides direction, where there is none. It pulls at the heartstrings to move with aim and purpose, and above all it never tolerates disrespect from those poor souls that would have it otherwise. Best leave them to their excursions, for clarity has no space in their mindless regurgitation.

To lead a fulfilled life is to lead a life of clarity. It is above all a life of purpose and direction, which begs the question for us all:  Is it time for a little more clarity in our life?


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The C.A.T. Principle

A 2014 Global Ebook Awards GOLD Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.

A 2016 Global Ebook Awards SILVER Winner for Best Self-Help Non-Fiction Ebook.

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